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To the left is Uncle Floyd Vivino with Johnny Salami

On the right, comedian Stuttering John from The Howard Stern show

Johnny Salami in a former life

Johnny Salami in a former life to the left.

On the right, Johnny with John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia

Johnny Salami in his role as a New York City taxi cab driver and Donald Trump

Johnny Salami at the Sirius Radio Studio

High Pitch Eric from The Howard Stern Show

On left High Pitch Eric from The Howard Stern Show

On right, actor Tony Lip

Tony Lip

On left,Johnny Salami with Alexis Cohen from 'American Idol' who told Simon Cowell what to do to himself...

On right, one of Johnny Salami's closet and dearest friends, Tommy Pastrami. Excellent Roast Master, he is the Jewish version of Jackie Mason

Gene Simmons from Kiss

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