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The life and times of comedian Johnny Salami

A Young Johnny SalamiComic Johnny Salami was born is an undisclosed location in beautiful downtown Jersey City, New Jersey. One of several children, John is the youngest, thus explaining why he has always had the need to speak out, because he was always getting the short end of the stick (and occasionally the paddle). At a young age Johnny was sent to the neighborhood parochial school. That unfortunately didn't last very long. After several incidents, in which his juvenile records are sealed, a decision was he was sent into the public school system, successfully graduating from the prison camp located at Palisades Avenue and Newark Avenue in Jersey City . A future surprise to his former Nuns who taught him in Catholic school, Johnny was accepted to a prestigious University in New Jersey (the money paid wasn't called tuition, it was more like a bribe/it's a Jersey thing).

Johnny Salami with Hank the drunk

Johnny Boy did the school thing. He did well, participated in my social events and occasionally a scholastic one. Salami also is one of the founding fathers of the Original Beer League.

To the left is John with 'Hank' (PeteyApple's oldest and wiser brother) to the right, the closest John ever got to getting in Giant Stadium.

John was heavily into sports while in school

2010 Beer League Reunion
2010 Beer League Reunion

The Original Beer League
The Original Beer League
With names like this, would you trust any of this bunch?

Johnny Salami, self proclaimed ring leader, Peteyapple, Brother Hank (resident drunk), Pretty Kyle, Johnny Snoot, Mark the Spark, Johnny Pudge, Jimmy Swish, Val Richie Rich, Carl the Colt, Myron DEA, John DEA, Big Pat, Big Lou, Jerry the Cabana boy, Fat Sammy,  Rubino, Radio Chuck, Skinny Frankie, Gabe(aka Jesus), Bobby Pizza, Chris CarPenus, Donny Baseball  and Eddie Who and Larry 3 Stooges


The Beer League is in it's 19 th year. The guys are getting old and out of shape. This year's casualty, Petey Apple, has been sidelined, due to the physical stresses of playing soft ball. The other 20 left are casualties looking to happen. Next year will be the China (20 th) Anniversary of the league, so the guys have been looking forward to some China girls, even though a tea set would be more appropiate...


Johnny Salami's life could have went in a different directionSo Salami moved on with his life and his antics, and entered the real world. Called working for a living. But his heart was never far away from his love of humor and comedy. Thus, after a life changing event that happened in September 11 th of 2001, John decided to pursue what he truly enjoyed, making people smile with his outrageous rants about the reality of this country. His first CD, entitled “Traffic Navigator” is a truthful satire about something he has spent a lot of life doing, sitting in traffic (when you live in New York City it's a daily occurrence). “Traffic Navigator” is available from CD Baby.

Since this, Johnny Salami has made an appearance on the second season of “Last Comic Standing” on the NBC network. He's performed stand up comedy at the Point Pleasant restaurant Ferrara's, “Uncle Vinnie's Comedy Club”, "Bananas Comedy Club" in Hasbrouck Heights, Jenkinsons, the New York City premiere comedy club, “Stand Up NY”, and a brief stint in New York City's Central Park.

As a performer, he is one of the most popular stand up comedians capable of an impromptu performance in any place or situation. Known for some outlandish stunts on the streets of New York City, no venue is beyond being assaulted by a laugh attack from by comedian Johnny Salami.

Johnny Salami and comedian Artie Lang
Johnny Salami recently attended a book signing for Artie Lang's new book "Too Fat To Fish". On left, John with a copy of his upcoming CD "Dirty Jersey, Obe line down the turnpike"

Johnny Salami's future plans include the movie, “Americans Need Not Apply”. A documentary, it will take a humorous approach to what is happening in this country today and how it affects the future. Filming is set to begin in 2009.

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