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Johnny Salami's Traffic Navigator

Johnny Salami's Traffic Navigator Compact Disc

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Now you can laugh when you are stuck in traffic. The funniest CD you ever heard. 80's rock behind the jokes,phony phone calls and movie sound bites with lots of outrageous comedy.

A pedigreed New York comic like Johnny Salami is a rare thing. Even more rare is that Johnny put together a fantastic new CD for those of you stuck in daily commuter hell - TRAFFIC. Using his own experiences and mastery of the phony phone call, Mr. Salami savages his way through the half-hour comic opus. Drivers in and around New York are already experiencing the 80's rock and comedic collage of movie and popular sound bites that ease the spring in your posterior. No shifting required! People have been caught driving 35 miles per hour in order to hear more of the CD before punching the dreaded time clock. You can't get caught in the cycle of commercial after commercial like that well known shock jock broadcasts, because Salami takes no breaks! You can have a girl on each arm at the parties simply by bringing and inserting this CD and guaranteeing to change any party into a laugh riot. If you have read this far, you don't buy at a mom and pop record store. Good God!

Johnny Salami recently did the "Last Comic Standing" live from The New York Comic Strip. If you have been lucky to see his preparatory antics outside the building, you should have seen what happened inside! The toughest audience to play is the streets of NYC. Salami can literally stop any passer by as he recently did with an impromptu performance in Washington Square Park.

Mentors of the meat man are the great Uncle Floyd, Pat Cooper, Dice Clay, Artie Lang, and Yuko the Clown. Let's not forget Jackie the Jokeman and the unbelievable crew at The Wise Guy Show..Big Pussy,Joe Causi,Uncle Floyd, Cha Cha, Joe Rigano they always save a spot for Johnny Salami.

Coming soon is the DVD documentary "Americans Need Not To Apply" staring The Ballbusters Comedy Group


Reviews of Johnny Salami's Traffic Navigator CD

Salami is histerically funny!
author: Peteyaaple

"You will be laughing the entire time. "thank you office" is the funniest line in show business. I pssed mt pants :)" ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

Reviews of Johnny Salami's Traffic Navigator CD
Groundbreaking Comedy
author: Clemenza

"Johnny Salami is quickly gaining notoriety in the comic world as is heard through the hilarious antics on the Traffic Navagitor. Side splitting jokes and phony phone calls round out this comedic masterpiece. Look for Johnnys upcoming DVD Americans Need Not Apply starring Johnny Salami and the newly formed Ballbusters Comedy Group of which Johnny has co-founded." ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

Reviews of Johnny Salami's Traffic Navigator CD
author: Andrew Clay

"And I thought my career has gone places this Salami guy is me without the leather. How about a double bill The Dice Man and The Meat Man! Who wouldn't pay three dollars to see this show somewhere in the basement of a house on the Jersey Shore! Roses are red violets are blue/Johnny Salami is a comic genius now fuck you! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

Reviews of Johnny Salami's Traffic Navigator CD
author: Jerry

"This Guy is funny as Balls! I love it! Johnny Salami maybe the next coming of Rodney Dangerfield! He gets
funnier every year! Maybe when he is 60 he will become a Star just like Dangerfield"
ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

Reviews of Johnny Salami's Traffic Navigator CD
You got a gift my friend! Really Funny!!!!
author: Howard Ulikeakik

"It's about time somebody came out with a CD that I can listen to instead of those sorry ass morning shows!
Salami, keep up the good work!"
ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

Reviews of Johnny Salami's Traffic Navigator CD
Slaying all coming comics in New York City.
author: Robert Flack

"I caught Johnny Salami at Stand Up New York Comedy Club. The audience was not prepared for the all on
assault on their collective funny bones. Topics ranged from getting walked in on by..forgeddaboutit!!! John was seriously funny and the audience couldn't get enough. Just ordered the CD. Hurry up already."
ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

Reviews of Johnny Salami's Traffic Navigator CD
The more I listen the funnier it gets!
author: Richard Hirtz

"This is an excellent CD. I love the comedy. Can't wait for Traffic Navigator 2! Johnny Salami is the next Dice Clay!"

ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately.

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